Dr. Avdesh Sharma on Stress and its Remedies

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dr avdesh sharma

Dr. Avdesh Sharma’s Speech on Stress and Tips to Overcome It

Psychiatrist – Delhi – Founder of “Man ki Baat

Topic: Stress and its Remedies (मानसिक तनाव और उसके उपाय)

Dr. Sharma’s speech on “Stress and its Remedies” can really help people tired from busy and stressful life.

In India, 1/4th Population will have one or another Psychic issue – Said Dr. Sharma.

It is very common issue being faced by today’s generation and small precautions can really help you to relive from Stress. Some important points from his speech:

  • Stress happens from Within
  • Anger’s effect will stay for 4 hours on your body
  • Social support system is very important for us which is being isolated day by day
  • Talked about different popping strategies that is being used by people to get relieve from stress
  • Balanced life, Anger management, and social support system is very important to overcome the stress.
  • Also shared few tips to identify the stress and get relive from it

According to him, there are 9 important points that can help you to relive from stress which are:

  • Quite
  • Expectoration (limited or no)
  • Routine
  • Have social connection
  • Pooping mechanism
  • Full Stop
  • Unique role of ours (in this life)
  • Mirror (see this situation as a third person)
  • Nothing is permanent

It was great speech that can really help one to tackle stress in today’s busy life.

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