Best Yoga Poses for Swimmer to Improve Swimming Performance

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Yoga is the best & ancient way of healing all physical and mental ailments. Regular practice of yoga poses results, greater flexibility, strengthens muscles, improves body awareness, and many other physical benefits. There is a well-defined relation between yoga and swimming as yoga improves the swimming capacity of a swimmer.

Relation between Yoga and Swimming

Yoga and swimming both are interlinked terms as both generally have same qualities that enhance overall well-being of people. Both the terms need due patience and discipline. Swimming needs extreme focus on breathing, balancing and flexibility. All the essentials of swimming can be attained by the regular practice of yoga. Various poses of yoga involve back bend and get your spine engaged that is essential for proper swimming. In short, Yoga plays an important role to be good swimmer.

Why Yoga is good for Swimmer?

Yoga is highly recommended to swimmers as it makes you aware of your body. Regular practice of Yoga enhances the flexibility and strength, and helps in reducing the stiffness of neck, shoulders and back. The most important feature of yoga is that, it focuses on stretching which plays an important role to avoid the swimming related injuries. It develops your core stability, improve your poses, and make you able to float well. It also teaches you about how to control your breath under water and how to use your breath to control the heart rate while floating. Yoga is no doubt improves your swimming skills.

Best Yoga Poses for Swimmer:

Yoga and swimming are basically two complementary forms of workouts.  There is only one sole difference between these two powerful workout regimens, i.e. yoga is performed on land and swimming is in water. Let us have a look on various yoga poses for swimmer:

Adho Mukha Svanasana – This pose is also called as a Downward Facing Dog Pose. This asana allows the movement of blood to brain and improves your balancing ability. To perform this asana, you need to focus on your breathing pattern so it will also increase your concentration power.  Regular practice of this pose, improves your swimming performance.

downward facing dog

Bhujangasana – This asana is well-known as a Cobra Pose that helps in keeping you calm. This asana offers several physical benefits and considered as an ideal way to awaken your kundalini. Regular practicing of this pose makes you away from various diseases.

Salabhasana – This pose, commonly called as Locust pose provides relief in back pain or sciatica. With the regular practice of this pose, you can strengthen your back and improve breathing capacity as well as attains greater flexibility. This pose stretches your shoulders, chest, belly, and thigh.

Salabhasana (Locust Yoga Pose) for Lower back pain

Gomukhasana – This is one of the important asana, called as Cow Face Pose that a swimmer must perform regularly. It improves and strengthens your back muscle as well as spinal cord. This is an ideal pose to tone your biceps and triceps.

These are some essential swimming yoga Poses that a swimmer must perform regularly to be a good swimmer. Other essential poses include Dhanurasana or Bow Pose, Setu Bhanda Sarvangasana or Bridge Pose, Balasana or Child Pose, Baddha Konasana or Bound Angle Pose, and so on.

Benefits of Yoga for Swimmer:

Yoga exercises help by several ways to Swimmers in improving their performance:

  • Increases Mobility: Swimmers generally use yoga to become more flexible and to increase their mobility. It increases the range of motion and extends their muscle tissue.
  • Boost Strength: Yoga can also be used to develop the strength in a wider way as it involves various dynamic as well as static poses that enhance upper and lower body strengths. Various yoga programs are designed to provide some specific movements essential for swimming.
  • Develop Body Awareness: Yoga helps you to achieve body awareness that brings specific attention to how the body feels at certain points during the practice.
  • Easy Movement: Yoga helps you to attain effortless movement of your body. In many yoga practices, you would learn about how to move with ease as it teaches the proper use of breath. Learning the use of breath in a certain way helps you to perform every activity with ease.
  • Enhance Recovery: With the regular practice of yoga, your body will become more flexible which is essential for swimmers. Several times, swimmers feel difficulty due to limited mobility and by performing yoga regularly, swimmers can get rid from the bodily stiffness and attain higher flexibility.
  • Prevention from injury: Yoga enables you to prevent yourself from various injuries. Yoga develops mobility, body awareness, strength, ease of movement and recovery that all ultimately aimed at the injury prevention.

Yoga and swimming both complement each other as both provide greater relaxation, deepen the breath and improve overall well-being. With the regular yoga practices your muscles become stronger and it also increases your body stamina. Really Yoga offers great benefits to the swimmers in improving their performance. Yoga and swimming both help to attain a blissful and self-forgetful connection of body through concentration.

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