6 Awesome Full Body Workouts Yoga Videos from Experienced Yogis

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Yoga is a science; based on many observations and principles of Ancient theories which is now well-proven and accepted by the modern theories of science. Yoga is all about to make an ideal connection of body, mind and soul. With the regular practice of Pranayama (Yoga Breathing), Yoga Postures (Asanas) and meditation, you can encourage overall health and wellness.

#1: Total Body Yoga Workout With Tim Senesi:

Tim Senesi, A Yoga teacher presented 30 minutes nice total body yoga workout video that will surely give you a break from the blasting workouts. This yoga video involves entire body stretching. Beginner can also easily understand each and every posture of this video. Really, Tim Senesi did a wonderful job to make this Total Body Yoga Workout Vinyasa Flow video.

#2: 30 minute Full Body – Power Yoga Workout:

This amazing 30 minutes full body power yoga workout video will strengthen and tone your entire body. This yoga video stretches whole body and makes your body well toned. If you like Beach Body yoga, then you will surely love this video. This video may not be suitable for everyone as this is a fastest Vinyasa so it will be better to watch slower routines power videos to get good control on your breath.

#3: Weight Loss Yoga – Total Body Workout:

Here comes the best total body workout video for the weight loss. Now get ready to look slimmer and stunning with this amazing yoga video. Whether you want to look slimmer or toned, this will be an ideal choice to go with. Regular practice of this yoga workout will also help to attain great development, growth, strength and flexibility. To perform this workout, all that you need to calm your mind, connect yourself to the breath and move your body.

#4: Yoga Total Body Workout with Lesley Fightmaster:

This amazing video of total body workout with Lesley Fightmaster will work for all body parts. With the regular practice of this workout, you can strengthen and stretch your legs, hips, back, arms and shoulders. This Vinyasa flow class is a perfect choice to build up your complete body.

#5: Hot Body Yoga Workout & Yoga Fit – Denise Austin:

Hot Body Yoga Workout is a 30 minutes amazing video, designed to reduce the fat and create a leaner physique. This body slimming video is typically based on the traditional yoga moves and balancing poses. With this Denise Austin fitness video, you will be able to tone your legs, back, arms, shoulders, abs, chest and arms. With the regular practice of this workout, you can increase flexibility and balance of your body and reduce the stress.

#6: CorePower Yoga Full Body Workout – Class FitSugar:

This video is a most appropriate choice for the beginners. It will help you to attain calm and reduce stress. From the fitness outlook, it will strengthen as well as lengthen your body. One ab workout is also inserted in the middle of the video but it’s not so much hard to perform. So, play this amazing video for easy workout yoga.

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Image Ref: Makeuseof.com

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